I’d just arrived in the NYC’s East Village, the winter of
1983, when I met Jerry Loomis—Loomis, to his friends.
In our nabe, a new art scene was busting out. We did our
part playing in a band, hangin’ on the scene, living
rough: the young rocker life style writ small.

While Loomis could play some slashing, blasting guitar,
his own songs were usually quiet. His response to the
madness and sadness of the world was not the screaming
angst of punk. His songs expressed tenderness.

He understood that for so many Life is not beautiful.
That Love is precious.

We spent thousands of hours together, playing music,
encouraging, commiserating, arguing, struggling—we
weren’t tourists in each other’s life, we were brothers
in dreams. Even when our dreams went different ways.

But the bad can’t top the beautiful. And the
beautiful should be celebrated.


ZazaSound (HD) completes mixdown of Loomis reel

The Magnificence That Is Joe Saba, of ZazaSound (HD), completed his mixdown of the Loomis reel. Thanks, Joe! To celebrate, I re-edited the song, Eva, …

Jan 2016

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City of Dreams—the CD of Loomis songs

City of Dreams et al: I am anxious to gather all music of Loomis that I can and prepare the way for a CD or …

Dec 2015

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Joe Saba of ZazaSound (HD) to mix the music for the film

Joe Saba, Creative Director of ZazaSound (HD), ZazaCast Films and Zaza Interactive in Albany, NY, has agreed to do the audio mix of Loomis’ songs. …

Dec 2015

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Website Unveiled

After much work and little sleep, official website for the film, Life Never Begins, Life Never Ends is going public. Check it out. I hope …

Nov 2015

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A new page featuring art from the flick

A new page has been added to the website featuring the artwork of James Romberger featured in the movie. From the menu the page is …

Nov 2015

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James Romberger’s Artwork from the Film;
City of Dreams CD Cover by Elmer Lang

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Pastels: 1 portrait of Loomis, 2 streetscenes of the L.E.S.
4 band posters: 3 House of Life, 1 The Barbitones.
Elmer’s cover for City of Dreams CD

I see t-shirts in my future


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